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My New Baby

March 24, 2014
I hope you’ll forgive me for a bit (okay, a lot) of BSP today. I have a new baby and, like most new mothers, I can’t resist telling everyone I meet all about her. It’s a new Jennie Connors mystery. Here’s a little bit about her:
Jennie has been promoted out of the job she loves. But there’s one thing she wants to do before she moves into her new position: Jake Appleton, known throughout Riverview as Sour Appleton, needs to be integrated into the retirement community’s social life. It won’t be easy.

Jake spends his days alone, staring out the window and mumbling that the world is full of crooks. Has he witnessed wrongdoing in the construction project going on outside his window? Or is he looking back over his own life. Jake’s not telling. He shares his thoughts only in his journal.

Jennie doesn’t give up – and, finally, one morning Jake surprises her. He taps the journal, says “it’s all in here” and agrees to talk to her later that afternoon.

But someone else gets there first. Jennie finds Jake with a bullet in his head. The journal is gone – and Jennie is determined to find it and solve the puzzle of a lonely old man and restore peace of mind to the residents she loves.


If you’ve read any of the other Jennie Connors/Riverview Manor books, you won’t be surprised to know that the residents insist on helping, especially the not-so-sweet tea ladies and Nate, an old actor who takes the world’s a stage seriously.

Populated with likeable, quirky characters, Lethal Journal is, by turns, funny, sweet and sad. Most of all, I hope it’s entertaining.

Here’s a link –

If you’d like to know more about the Jennie Connors series, please click on the “About Sandra Carey Cody” page of this blog or check out the Jennie Connors page of my website –

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