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Bad Boys

August 20, 2013

Time for another guest on Birth of a Novel. Like so many of my writing friends, I know Barbara Morgenroth only because of the internet – and am immensely grateful to the internet for the friendship.  Barb is a true original, fun to correspond with because she always surprises. Evidence:  her bio: “Barbara Morgenroth was born in New York City but now lives somewhere else. Envisioning a career as a globe-hopping photojournalist, after college she determined her hop muscles weren’t global strength so turned to writing. No life experience is safe from her keyboard and Barbara has proved that being a magnet for story material may be overstimulating to live through but it’s all ultimately research.” Here’s a snippet from one of her books, a book, by the way, that one reviewer called “laugh out loud funny” and about which another reviewer simply said “witty, simple, crazy, funny, direct”. What more could a reader ask of a book?


Unspeakably Desirable

 Barbara Morgenroth

 Morgenroth - unspeakably desirableHe really was very appealing.  Those types always are.  Pathological liars are always the most enchanting people you will ever meet and womanizers know how to flirt in the most earnest way.  The whole point is to make you believe you are the only female in the entire universe for them.  For two weeks.  They acquire endearing characteristics like the Venus Fly Trap has sweet syrup on its petals so the flies think this is the greatest find in their garden.  These guys might know how to cook, serenade you on their guitar or draw cute little cartoon figures on handmade cards to beg forgiveness for standing you up.  It was all a carefully crafted performance.  He was good.  He had the routine perfected.—Unspeakably Desirable by Barbara Morgenroth

Have you ever met one of these charming men?

I knew one.

He was everything a girl would dream of.

1) He was an actor, so that meant he was handsome.

2) He was a skier.  (Athletic and fit, not squidgy around the middle.)

3) He was a former Green Beret.  (Warrior spirit!)

4) He was a member of the Olympic Bobsled Team.  (Famous!)

5) He crewed on an America’s Cup race.  (Fit, famous, warrior spirit and can swim!)

6) Need I go on?

 He also played the guitar, did the drawings and flew his own plane.  He was in a movie doing it, a famous one, but I’ll protect him and won’t say which one.

What is a girl supposed to do with a man like this?  Does Mr. X qualify as a bad boy?

You’re probably saying “What’s wrong with this?”

Heck, nothing.  Provided it’s all true.

Is it true?

Yes, I saw some photos, and yes, I did fly with him so I know he could at least pilot a plane. 

Then we get into a gray area.

How about missing a date because his friend was shot and he was at the hospital and there were no phones around?

Does Mr. X qualify for Bad Boy Status now?

Yes.  Mr. X is a Bad Boy because you believe him and he’s not serious.

In books, the love a good woman turns these bad boys around.  In real life, not so much.  So the best thing to do with a bad boy is to take them as seriously as they take you.  They’re fun, they’re terrific to have by your side at a party, they’ll introduce you to activities you never imagined and then you’ll part ways.  You will be richer for the experience.  He’ll still be a heart-breaker and some day he, too, will have his heart broken because that’s the way the world works.Barbara Morgenroth

Barbara Morgenroth is an amazingly prolific writer.  Recently, she has been focusing on books for young adults, especially those who love horses. If you would like to learn more about her books, here’s a link to her Amazon page:

Thanks, Barb, for stopping by Birth of a Novel.

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